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The workshop aims to be a brief overview of recent trends and results in spectral problems arising in mathematical physics where geometry plays a crucial role. Among the variety of recently studied models coming from classical as well as quantum physics, the workshop will focus on optimisation problems in non-standard settings such as unbounded geometries, singular interactions, Robin boundary conditions with "wrong" sign, non-Euclidean metrics, etc.

The workshop will consist of talks delivered by leading research experts at different stages in their careers. The organisers hope to have additional participants, whether it be other leading experts or young researchers with potential.

Invited talks

Virginie Bonnaillie-Noël Spectral minimal partitions SLIDES
Barbara Brandolini An inverse spectral problem for the Hermite operator SLIDES
Dorin Bucur Shape optimization problems with Robin conditions on the free boundary
Monique Dauge High frequency oscillations of first eigenmodes in axisymmetric shells as the thickness tends to zero SLIDES
Pedro Freitas The first eigenvalue of geodesic disks on manifolds
Marí­a del Mar González A nonlocal diffusion problem on manifolds
Antoine Henrot Maximization of the first eigenvalue with an obstacle
Vadim Kostrykin On a Toeplitz-like operator in the space of gradient fields
Albert Mas Electrostatic shell interactions for Dirac operators: an isoperimetric-type inequality SLIDES
Konstantin Pankrashkin The p-Laplacian with Robin boundary conditions and boundary trace theorems
Reinhard Racke Wave and Schrödinger equations in waveguides
Nicolas Raymond Magnetic harmonic approximation
Cristina Trombetti On Pólya's inequality for the torsional rigidity and the first Dirichlet Laplacian eigenvalue

Open problems

Dorin Bucur Eigenvalue asymptotics in domains punctured by a small disk centered on the nodal line
Antoine Henrot The concavity exponent of the first eigenvalue
David Krejcirik Large-time behaviour of the heat equation: subcriticality versus criticality
Vladimir Lotoreichik A functional inequality related to the delta' interaction on non-closed curves (SOLVED by Monique Dauge)
Konstantin Pankrashkin A Sobolev-type inequality in the exterior of convex domains
Nicolas Raymond Existence of eigenvalues of the p-Laplacian in curved strips

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